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Welcome to our Downloads page. You will find information that will help you regarding retirement documentations and about the Industry.

Pension Reform Act 2014

Pension Industry Whistleblowing Guideline

Pension Industry RSA Registration Guideline

Pension Industry RSA Transfer Regulation

Pension Industry Regulation on Accessing Retirement and Terminal Benefits

Pension Industry Regulation on Retiree Life Annuity

Data Recapture and RSA Registration Form

Guide for filling Data Recapture and RSA Registration form

Requirements/Checklist  for Processing Retirement Benefits

Requirements/Checklist  for Processing Death Benefits

Comparison between Annuity and Programmed Withdrawal

Types of Withdrawals and Benefits

Additional Voluntary Contribution

Dead/Missing Person Notification Report Form

Indemnity Form

Notice of Retirement Form

Programme Withdrawal Agreement Form

Requirement for Retirement Benefits Documentation

Updated Death Benefits Requirements

Updated Death Notification Requirement for NoK

Voluntary Contributions Withdrawal Form

NPF Pensions Newsletter April 2023

NPF Pensions Newsletter Feb 2023

NPF Pensions Newsletter Jan 2023

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